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Reusable Linen Bread Bag

Reusable Linen Bread Bag

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If you're a home baker, or just a bread lover, you've lost a boule or baguette from time to time if you don't eat it in 24 hours. A paper bag will result in rock hard bread. A plastic bag will keep it soft, but you'll lose the crunchy crust that makes it so good. This100% linen bread bag is more than just beautiful. It actually works..

Linen has been used in bread making for centuries. They allow just the right amount of oxygen into the bag to keep the crust crunchy and the inside soft and moist. Sometimes the best solutions have been around forever! And they're reusable so they're eco-friendly.

Easy to wash 

Our bags can be hand washed or washed in a washing machine on gentle/cold, and laid out to air dry. Like an old pair of jeans, these bags will get softer with age.

Just store them in your kitchen

Cheaper than a bread box, our bags don't rust, and can easily be stored in a kitchen drawer when not in use!


      • 40*30cm (15*11in) 


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