How I Help Myself

How I Help Myself

Depression and anxiety are hard to live with. I should know because I have been living with both my whole life. One thing I have learned is that when I am going through a really hard spell just pampering or being nice to "me" helps a lot!

That was the thought behind creating "Finds for Me", a place where folks like me (and I do buy products from the site myself) can find items that make them feel good. Sometimes just buying a cozy sweater or a funny t-shirt can just change your mood. Going out and getting a pedicure or cooking a hardy pot of chili or soup can get your mind off the things that are making you anxious! Even a glass of wine in front of a fireplace can help to relax you. Just remember everything in moderation. 

I specifically remember having an especially bad week a few years ago and going online to find a cozy sherpa throw blanket, it got my mind off my troubles for a bit, I got a few days of excitedly waiting for my purchase to arrive and then when it arrived it was like Christmas morning. It made me feel good and when I am especially stressed I get it out and wrap up in it and its like getting a warm hug!

Here's hoping that this site can provide you with an opportunity to pamper yourself, lighten an otherwise bad moment or just give you a little something to look forward to!

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